How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/Note 5 Pro

Here is detailed info on How you can Unlock Bootloader of Redmi Note 5/Note 5 Pro Smartphone using an official method which is unlocking via Mi Flash Unlock Tool.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro & Redmi Note 5 this are the newly launched devices from Xiaomi. Both these devices are featuring 18:9 Ratio IPS LCD Screen. These phones are the great combination Hardware along with Software. The Redmi Note 5 Pro has Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 where Redmi Note 5 has Snapdragon 625 which we have seen in Redmi Note 4.

To Install TWRP Recovery using Fastboot mode. You need to Unlock Redmi Note 5/Redmi Note 5 Pro Bootloader. The TWRP Recovery helps us in granting root access by Flashing Magisk or SuperSU, Installing Custom ROMs which are suitable and your favourite. Installing Custom Kernels & tweaking your Android System to the next level.

Now, Here is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Bootloader Unlock process using Mi Flash Unlock Tools.

Tip: You can unlock the bootloader of both Redmi Note 5 & Redmi Note 5 Pro using this method. Also, this is the common process to unlock bootloader of any Xiaomi Phone.

Keep Remember:

  • The Bootloader unlocking process will Wipe your data completely. Hence, Make sure that you have backup your important files.
  • Your warranty will be void after unlocking the bootloader.


How to Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlocking?
Following are the simple steps to Enable USB Debugging, Enable OEM Unlocking & Add account in Mi Unlock Status by which unlocking bootloader becomes easier.

Open Settings > About Phone > Click 7-8 times Continuously on Build Number. By Tapping on this it will enable Developer options on the phone.

Get back to Settings > Additional SettingsDeveloper options > From the options Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlocking.

Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/ Note 5 Pro

The whole unlocking process is divided into two steps. Firstly, You need to grant unlocking permission from the Xiaomi by Requesting them. After granting unlocking permission will use Mi Flash Unlock Tool to Unlock Bootloader.

Request For Unlock Permission

You need to grant unlocking permission from the Xiaomi. For this will go to official Xiaomi Unlocking page.

01. Open your favourite browser & Go to & Press that “Unlock Now” button to continue.

02. Now, It will redirect you to Mi Account Login page. Log in to your Mi Account. Use the same account which you used in the Redmi Note 5 Pro. If you don’t have Mi Account then create new Mi Account.

03. After Signing in you need to fill the info with the proper reason for unlocking bootloader.

  1. Enter your Full Name.
  2. Select Country of Mobile Number.
  3. Enter your Mobile Number where you will receive the Message after granting permission.
  4. In the next column, You have to write a reason for unlocking the bootloader. You can write any reason of your own like Mobile is Stuck at Mi Logo, Phone is not booting up, The Phone is restarting again & again like this.
  5. Enter the Captcha Code.
  6. Tick on Unlocking Disclaimer.
  7. Finally, Choose “Apply Now”.

04. Now, You need to verify mobile number by putting the OTP Code received on your Mobile number. Enter the OTP in the Box & click Next.

05. You will see a message that “Application has been successfully submitted, Please be patient review“.


All You have to do is wait till you get permission from Xiaomi. As soon as you get Unlocking permission you will be notified by SMS on the Mobile. So, Keep eye on your phone.

It may take more than 5-10 Days to grant unlocking permission. If you still didn’t get permission you can try this process again with another reason.

In my case, I got the approval in the next day.

06. After granting permission, You need to Add your Mi Account in the Mi Unlock status which is available in Developer Options.

Here is the tricky part to Bypass “After 72 hours of trying to unlock the device“.

Download China VPN & Install it on your Phone. After installing Open the app & Connect the VPN to any of its Server.

07. Now, Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options > Mi Unlock Status. Tap on “Add Account” & it will add your account to it.

Now, You are ready to move ahead to Unlock Bootloader directly.

Unlock Bootloader Using Mi Flash Unlock Tool

Finally, Its time to unlock Redmi note 5/Pro bootloader. For unlocking bootloader, We will use Mi Flash Unlock Tool. It is the tool developed by Xiaomi for this purpose only.

01. Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool & Install it on your Windows PC.

02. Open application, At first you will see Disclaimer. Click on “Agree” to accept the disclaimer.

03. Now, You have to Sign in with the account that you have used to grant unlocking permission.

04. It will check for the permissions & then you have to connect your device using USB Cable to PC in Fastboot mode.

Hold both Power on + Volume down button simultaneously to boot into fastboot mode.

05. Finally, Press “Unlock” button on Mi Flash Unlock Tool button to start bootloader unlocking process.

As soon as you press Unlock button the warning will pop up saying, “Unlock the Phone will erase all phone data, whether to continue to unlock the phone?“.

Simply Press “Unlock anyway” to start the process.

06. It will take few seconds to Unlock Bootloader. You will end up with “Unlocked Successfully” message.

Sometimes The Unlocking process stuck at 99% & gives a message like “After XX hours of trying to unlock the device” or “Binding time is too short, less than 72 hours“. If you are facing this type of error then you have to wait until Countdown time.

Congrats! In this way, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of Redmi Note 5 Pro/Redmi Note 5.

Video Tutorial to Unlock Bootloader of Redmi 5/Note 5/Note 5 Pro

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