How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Unlock Bootloader of Redmi Note 4: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is another great & from the selling phone from their Redmi Note Series. The Phone is the perfect upgrade of Redmi note 3 & a lot of Xiaomi phone lovers including me are waiting for the next one which is Redmi Note 5.

Till now, after a lot of requests from the users of this smartphone & as the users of this phones increase in a huge number. Hence, We are writing the Step By Step Guide to Unlock Redmi Note 4 Bootloader.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is launched back in August 2016 with some excellent specification. The Phones has built with Snapdragon 625 Processor. The Phone was launched with 3 Varients having different RAMs & Storage options. It runs on MIUI 8 OS but Xiaomi has pushed the latest MIUI 9 to this device. In this Article, We are going to unlock bootloader of Redmi Note 4 with official method.

Steps To Unlock Bootloader of Redmi Note 4

You can Unlock Redmi Note 4 Bootloader using Mi Flash Unlock Tool only which is an official method to unlock the bootloader of any Xiaomi device. The developers haven’t found the unofficial method like we have seen in Redmi note 3 to unlock bootloader hence, We need to follow this method only.

Request For Unlocking Permission

This the first of this unlocking process. In this step, You need take permission for unlocking from Xiaomi. You need to fill the form with the proper reasons to grant unlocking permission for your device.

1. Go to to apply for unlocking permission & Press “Unlock Now” button to continue.

2. In the next page, You need to log in to Mi Account. If you haven’t created Mi Account yet then Choose “Create Account” from below.

3. After Successful Login, Press “Unlock Now” button to move ahead.

4.Now, You have to fill an unlocking request form.

  1. Write your Real Name.
  2. Select Country of your Mobile number.
  3. Enter Mobile Number in order to receive SMS as soon as you get Unlocking approval.
  4. Write a proper reason for unlocking the bootloader. You can write your own reason but keep in mind that don’t copy the reason from anywhere else.
  5. Enter Captcha Code.
  6. Accept the Unlocking Disclaimer.
  7. At last, Choose “Apply Now“.

5. After Pressing Apply Now button. Now, You need to verify your mobile number by Entering OTP which you have received on your phone.

6. After Mobile Verification you will be redirected to one page saying, “Application has been successfully submitted, Please be patient review“.


As soon as your request for unlocking bootloader gets approval you will be notified by SMS from Xiaomi. This process can take more than 10 Days. So be patient!

Most of the times you will get approval within 1-2 Day. But sometimes it takes to much time.

If you didn’t receive any SMS of approval then Please apply again from the above link or Head over to this MIUI Forum Thread & Complain your concern there.

Unlocking Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Bootloader Using Mi Flash Unlock Tool

After getting Unlocking approval, The remaining process is very easy. But sometimes if bootloader unlocking process stuck at 50% or due to some errors the process becomes lengthy. But don’t worry we have also mentioned the solutions for them.

Requirments for Bootloader Unlocking Process:

1. Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool & Extract it on your Computer.

2. Run Mi flash unlock tool. On the first screen, Accept Disclaimer given on the screen.

3. It will ask you for a login.Log in with your Mi Account. This will check for unlocking permissions.

4. Now, It will show that no device is connected. Switch off your Redmi Note 4 & Boot it into Fastboot mode.

To boot into fastboot mode, Press Power on + Volume button at same time. Connect your phone to the computer using USB Cable.

5. The device is connected now. Press “Unlock” button to start unlocking process.

6. The whole unlocking process will take about 1-2 minutes to complete. Now, You can simply press “Reboot Phone” button to restart your phone normally.

Congratulation! You have successfully Unlock Bootloader of Redmi Note 4. Now you can easily Install TWRP Recovery to Flash Custom ROMs or to grant root access.

Do Check our F.A.Q Section to solve your most queries! Because most peoples are facing many issues while unlocking the bootloader.

F.A.Q Related Unlocking Bootloader of Redmi Note 4

  • How to Bootloader Unlocking Process is stuck at 50% or Couldn’t Verify device Current Account is Different from the Account Info on the Device error?

If you faced this error then Please wait for 3-4 Days & Try unlocking again. If you still don’t succeed then do check out Fix Bootloader Unlock Stuck at 50% & “Couldn’t Verify Device” Error.

  • How to Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi Note 4?

If you have successfully unlocked the bootloader then you can Install TWRP Recovery in fastboot mode. Just Download TWRP Recovery & Flash It with LazyFlasher file to prevent boot loop. Check out Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi Note 4.

  • How Can I Root Xiaomi Redmi Note 4?

After Installing TWRP Recovery it’s really easy to install SuperSU to manage root permissions on your device. Check out the article Grant root access on Redmi Note 4.

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