How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Official Method)

Here in this post, you will find how to unlock bootloader of Redmi Note 3 using Mi Flash Unlock Tool in easy steps. We have written an In-depth guide to unlocking procedure. Also, a lot of users are facing “Couldn’t Verify Device Error” or facing bootloader unlocking process stuck at 50% we have also tried to give the solution for this.

The latest smartphones of Xiaomi are coming with extra security. They are locking bootloader of every new device. Also, they have added some security features like Mi Cloud Lock & some other.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is budget killer phone built with Snapdragon 650 Processor & the another variant has built on Mediatek Helio X10 Processor. This device is coming with 2GB RAM/16 GB Internal & 3GB RAM/32 GB Internal storage options. It has 13MP Rear Camera & 5 MP Front Camera. Also, It has 4020 MaH Battery life & MIUI 8 OS Which is from one of the best Customized Android OS.

By unlocking bootloader of Redmi Note 3 you can flash any Custom ROM, Custom Recoveries or you can enable root access on your Redmi Note 3. Also, they are most important in flashing Fastboot ROMs if our device is bricked or stuck at logo sometimes.

Unlock Bootloader of Redmi Note 3 Using Mi Flash Unlock Tool

The whole bootloader unlock process has divided into two steps. First one is Requesting for unlock permission. We need to request for unlock process after granting permission we will unlock bootloader through third party app Mi Flash unlock tool.

Step 1 – Requesting For Unlock Permission

This is the first phase in the bootloader unlocking process. You need to apply for permissions for unlocking with the proper reason, or your request will not accept. So, Write any reason in English. You can write like “My Device is stuck at logo” or “It is bricked during the update process.”

1. Open any browser in your computer and go through this URL( to apply for unlocking request.


2. Press “Unlock Now” button then it will ask to login. Use your existing account which you have logged in mobile currently or if you didn’t have then please Sign Up & Create New Account.

3. After successful login, you will be redirected to Unlocking Request Form. Where you have to fill the proper reason to unlock and your information.


  1. Write your Real Name.
  2. Choose your country.
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Write a reason you can write like me but give some variation.
  5. Enter Captcha code.
  6. Confirm Disclaimer.
  7. Finally, Press Submit button to submit your request.

4. In the next page, you will need to verify your mobile number by entering the received OTP(One time Pin). You need to enter the code within 5 minutes.

5. That’s it for now! After entering the code, you will see that your application is submitted successfully.

Now, Xiaomi Developers will review your unlock request within 2-3 working days. Maybe it will last long up to 10 business days.

It Depends on other pending requests. You will receive SMS when they approve your application.

In My case, I got approval within one day.

If you didn’t receive any SMS, then you can directly complain your concern in the Xiaomi MIUI Forum.

Step 2 – Unlocking Bootloader Using Mi Flash Unlock Tool

After approval, finally, its time to unlock the bootloader. For this, we will use Mi flash unlock tool which is developed by MIUI Community.

Quick Requirements for Bootloader Unlocking Process:

  • Your device should be running on any MIUI Version like Global, Chinese, Developers, Beta, etc.
  • Charge your device well enough.
  • Log in with the same Mi account that you have used to get unlocking permissions in your device

1. Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool & extract it on your computer.

2. Run Mi Flash unlock tool. It will ask you for login. Log in to your account which you have used for step 1.

3. After successful login, Switch off your Redmi Note 3 and boot into Fastboot Mode by pressing Power on + Volume Down button & Connect it to your Computer Using USB Cable.

4. Press “Unlock” button from the screen to start Unlocking process. It will take 10-20 Seconds to unlock bootloader of Redmi Note 3.

5. Now, Press Reboot to boot your device normally.

That’s it! We have successfully Unlock Redmi Note 3 bootloader with an official method and without any data loss.

A lot of peoples are facing issue while unlocking the bootloader so we have posted some solutions for them below.

Do check out!

Tip:- Please Wait for 3-4 Days after getting approval to unlock bootloader without any error also don’t forget to log in with the same account that you have used for unlocking request.

How To Fix Couldn’t Verify Device Error or Stuck at 50%?

Most of the users who are trying to unlock bootloader after unlocking permissions are facing this issue. The main reason behind this is Mi Account is not activated on your Xiaomi Phone.

Follow the simple steps to Fix This error:

1. Log in with the same account that you have used for Unlocking permission in your Xiaomi device.

2. Now, From PC Open any your favorite browser(Google Chrom is good) & open this URL ( & Sign in there with the same account.

3. When you will login you will able to see your device listed there with an online icon. Next step is to click on “Locate My Device” Option.

4.  Now, Just sit back and wait for 1-2 days.

5. After 1-2 Days try to unlock bootloader again with Mi Flash Unlock Tool.

Hope this tutorial will help to fix Couldn’t verify device error or redmi note 3 stuck at 50% error while unlocking bootloader of Xiaomi redmi note 3.

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