• Mike Lee

    do u have a fastboot_edl file for Mi Max 2 ?

    • You can use that Fasboot EDL File on any Xiaomi device.

      • Mike Lee

        Hi, the link to the Qualcomm QDloader USB driver is pointing to an article

        “How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4” where it involves the official method of getting permission from Xiaomi to unlock etc

        This is an issue for me because my mi max 2 is currently bootlooped with a locked bootloader and the device is not bound to the mi acc since I could not get back to miui mode to do the above.

        Pls could you advise how I can fix this problem? I just need to reflash my phone back to factory default settings with the above constraints.


        • You can flash the Fastboot ROM using EDL Mode. Download latest MIUI Fastboot ROM and flash it through Mi Flash Tool in EDL Mode.

          • Mike Lee

            I did that umpteen times. Mi Flash said cannot erase because of locked bootloader and mi unlock said device not bound to acc.

            As my phone is now in bootloop mode, I cldnt do the above.

            Is there any modified mi unlock program that bypasses xiaomi checking on device bound to mi acc?

          • Wait few days upto 10 days & try unlocking bootloader again, This will work 🙂

          • Mike Lee

            I couldb’t get my mi max 2 to boot in EDL mode, Even when I run the edl.cmd from the downloaded fastboot_edl zip file, it opens black screen on my pc with “waiting for device” displayed on top. My phone MM2 can only do recovery-3.0 and Fastboot manually. Miflash tool can only detect my phone in fastboot mode.

          • I think you havent installed Qualcomm QDLoader USB Driver on your PC. Check out the guide & Download them.(https://www.xiaomigeek.com/download-qualcomm-qdloader-usb-driver.html)