Root Xiaomi Redmi 6A with SuperSU & Install TWRP Recovery

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Welcome to our website. In this article, we will learn that how we can root xiaomi redmi 6A device. And with that, we will also learn to unlock bootloaders of 6A and to install TWRP recovery on redmi 6A.

Since its launch, 6A become one of the best budget smartphones in the market with the power back features. It comes with Helio A22 Quad-core processor that gives us superb processing power with the clock speed of as high as 2.0GHz. With the powerful processor, it has 2GB of primary memory (RAM) which runs the most of the apps and games smoothly.

This device has internal storage of 16 GB which can be expanded up to 256GB with the microSD card. Other than these, this device has 5.45″ inches full screen display, 13MP rear camera with 5MP selfie camera and the device is powered by 3000mAh battery.

By rooting your 6A device, you will become its superuser. Which will unlock many features for you that are disabled for non-rooted users.

So let’s start the process.

Steps to Root Xioami Redmi 6A & Install TWRP Recovery:

Before you start the process, read these things carefully.

  • Rooting the device void its warranty.
  • Charge your device well. Charging your device more than 80% is recommended.
  • To avoid loss take a proper backup of your data.

Download the files listed below, which are required for the root process.

To understand the root process very well, we have divided it into 3 different steps. Those you have to follow in the order given below.

Step I – Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Redmi 6A:

It is very important to unlock a bootloader before rooting any xiaomi device. Because you can’t root your xiaomi device without unlocking the bootloader. So refer the guide given below and unlock the bootloader of your redmi 6A device.

Step II – Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi 6A:

After unlocking the bootloader now it’s time to install TWRP recovery on your redmi 6A device.  To install TWRP recovery on your phone successfully, follow the steps given below.

1. First, download and install USB drivers on your windows computer. Without them, your device will not connect to your computer in recovery mode.

2. Now, Download TWRP Recovery for Redmi 6A Device on your computer. And renamed the downloaded recovery file to the twrp.imp.

3. Now locate the downloaded recovery file. Then select it and press shift key with the right click at the same time. A menu list will appear from which, select “Open Command Window Here” as shown in the image below. A command prompt window will appear.

4. Now, Connect your Redmi 6A device to the computer using an original USB Cable.

5. Then, type the following command to check your device is connected or not.

adb devices

If your device does not show up, That means the USB Drivers are not installed properly. So reinstall them properly. And if you see your device then you can go ahead.

6. After that, type following command to boot your device into fastboot mode.

fastboot reboot bootloader

You can manually boot your redmi 6A device into fastboot mode. To do so, first, the power off your device and then press and hold the power key along with volume down key for a couple of seconds.

7. Then use this command to install twrp recovery Permanently on your phone.

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

Now, wait till the process completes. Usually, It will take less than 10 seconds for flashing twrp recovery.

Now it’s time to boot your device into twrp recovery mode.  Once your device boot into twrp recovery mode then you can flash SuperSu to get root permissions.

Step 3 – Root Redmi 6A By Installing SuperSU & LazyFlasher:

Now the next step is the root the phone by flashing SuperSU and LazyFlasher, which we placed in our device internal storage. If you don’t download it into internal storage then you can transfer it by connecting your device to computer using USB cable.

1. Boot your redmi 6A device into twrp recovery mode. To do so, first power off your redmi 6A device and then press and hold power key along with volume up key for a couple of seconds.

2. Now select the “Install” option from twrp menus.

3. Then browse the internal storage and select the “” file.

4. After that swipe to right on “Swipe to confirm flash” button. This will flash file on your redmi 6A device.

5. Then flash “” file in the same way.  if you don’t flash the LazyFlasher file then your phone will not boot up and stuck at mi logo.

6. Now just reboot your device and it will get rooted successfully.

So, guys, you can root your redmi 6A device in this way.  If you have any question related to this guide, please tell us in the comment. We will be happy to answer it.

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  1. Is it a proper way, I am asking because there are some guides where they have also one more step that you didn’t mention. Fastboot format user data.

  2. “2. Now, Download TWRP Recovery for Redmi 6A Device on your computer. And renamed the downloaded recovery file to the twrp.imp.”

    It should say twrp.img not twrp.imp.

  3. When I connect my device to the PC it adds an option where we have to choose three of them file transfer,photo transfer,no data transfer.Which one of them I have to choose

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