Xiaomi MIUI 9 Update : List of Features, Eligible Devices & Downloads

After the great success in MIUI 8 which has based on Android Lolipop & Marshmallow now they are ready to launch their next Update MIUI 9 which builds on the Android Nought. So in this post, we will cover the MIUI 9 Features, The List of devices which are eligible for this ROM & Also we have managed to share MIUI 9 Download links in this post.

The last MIUI 8 was coming hell lot of features including Dual Apps, Second Space, Long or Scroll Screenshots, Quick Ball, etc. Now, Xiaomi has tried something extraordinary with their newest update. MIUI 9 is also coming with some other great features which overtake other Custom ROMs.

In this new version of the MIUI, Xiaomi has concentrated on System Speed & App Launch time. Also, Reverse Images Search, Smart Assistance, Smart App Launcher this are the features I liked most from this ROM. Also, it is coming with Multi Window Support which will quite helpful to Mi Max, Mi Max 2 & Mi Mix users. Another good thing about this ROM is that they have added a Quick Reply option in Notification Panel which will quite helpful & time saver.

The Beta Version of ROM is already rolled out & Xiaomi Mi 6 & Note 4 users have already got the taste of  MIUI 9 update through MIUI 9 Beta ROM. Let’s go further ahead? In this post we have written, Whats new, Features of MIUI 9, Release date, Supported devices, Download MIUI 9 Update & How to install MIUI 9 ROM on your Xiaomi Phone.


1. Features from China ROM & Global ROM May be different. Also, Some features are not added in the current beta ROM. Hope they will add them with their next update.

2. Also, Supported device may be increased or decrease all depend on Xiaomi. Stay tuned!

MIUI 9 Release Date: 26th July 2017

Xiaomi has finally released their next OS in the MIUI Series names MIUI 9. The ROM is launched on the event on 26 July 2017 at China National Convention Center. Xiaomi has launched the ROM along with Xiaomi Mi 5x & other some products.

Currently, MIUI ROM is ale in 55 languages, 142 countries with 280 Million active users. The beta version of China ROM is already rolled out a few days ago but here the schedule update for MIUI 9 Developer ROM for various devices.

  • August 11th, 2017 

MIUI 9 China/Global Developer ROM for Xiaomui Mi 6, Mi 5X, & Redmi Note 4X Qualcomm will be released publicly.

  • August 25th, 2017

MIUI 9 China Developer ROM for Mi MIX, Mi Note 2, Mi 5/5s/5s Plus/5c, Mi Max 2, Mi Max 32G, Mi Max, Mi 4S/4c, Mi Note Pro, and Redmi 4X will be released.

  • September 2017

MIUI 9 China ROM for all the other Xiaomi/Redmi devices(except Mi 1/1S and Mi 2A) will be released.

Source: MIUI Forum

All Features of MIUI 9 – Whats new in MIUI 9

Here are the newly added features in this ROM. We didn’t find some features in Beta ROM. Hence, we will see them in the future update. Also, some features are limited to China ROM only. Have a look at them.

1. Smart Assistance – Quick Cards

After Google Assistant, Samsung Bixabay, iPhone Siri, Xiaomi doesn’t want to be back on the list. They have also added their Smart Assistance. You can access to Smart Assistance by swapping right from the Main home screen.

Smart Assistance(Quick Cards) gives you instant access to Calendar, Notes, Schedule, Various shortcuts, Map Suggestion, Sports & Stock Market info. Get everything you want by just swapping right to the home screen like in Google App. You can still launch Google app by a long pressing home screen button.

MIUI 9 Update – Smart Assistant

 2. Image Search

You have seen this feature in Google Image Search or Google Photos app. In phone gallery, some people have some pictures in them & it becomes desperate to find any particular picture from them. For this Xiaomi has added Search Option in Gallery through which you can search images quickly with various filter options. You can filter your image library according to people, locations, expressions, events, documents and even screenshots. However, this feature is already on Google Photos. But still, Xiaomi makes it easier to find images quickly.

MIUI 9 – Image Search

3. Quick Reply & Optimized Notifications

Xiaomi has done enough in this section also. As in MIUI 8, you were not able to Reply anyone from Notification panel & all the notification have come separately from the same application.

Now, Xiaomi has enabled bundles notification for the same app. The user can tap & Scroll on that notification to view them extended. Also, MIUI Users can reply from there. If you are watching a movie or Youtube and message arrives then you didn’t need to leave the app and don’t need to go on Message to Reply him. You can reply him by using Reply button available in the Notification panel. You can also block notifications of any particular app from the Notification panel for a given moment or for permanent. This is the feature is was waiting eagerly.

4. Split Screen Mode AKA Multi Tasking

The rumors and wish from a lot of MIUI Users come right with this. Finally, Xiaomi has added Multi Tasking option in this ROM named as Split Screen Mode. As Android N(Nought) already has Multi Window support the developers of this ROM also added this in it. This feature is handy in some case like you can Chat with someone on Whatsapp at the same time you can watch Videos on Youtube.

You can access Split Screen mode tap on the Recent button then select the SplitScreeMode from the top screen. Choose the app first app & then second app you want to use. You can also Resize the app size. The users of Xiaomi Mi Max/ Max 2 & Mi Mix users can use this excellent feature very well. The apps which are not supported to Multi Window tasking will be shown alert for them.

MIUI 9 – Split Screen Mode / Multi Tasking

5. Smart App Launcher

This another interesting feature introduce by Xiaomi. The primary role of this function is to switch between your app by your screen information Quickly. Imagine if you are reading any information on the screen and you want to go to that app then by using this feature you will able to go to that app without going back to Home Screen & then search for that application. So, the Main motive is to save some time of the User.

MIUI 9 – Mi Smart App Launcher

However, this feature is already seen on Google Now on tap which does exactly same. Also, this is China exclusive feature as Google Services are not available there. Hence we have installed MIUI 9 Beta on Redmi Note 4 we didn’t find this one.

6. Lock Screen Optimization

Xiaomi has made some improvements in Lock Screen. The latest Lock Screen is quite identical to previous one, but they have added a new extra feature in it. You will able to access new page by Swapping left to Right which will show you connected device like Mi Home, Mi Remote. Also, it has Flashlight button below which will quite useful to in some situations. This page is not customizable by the user yet. Hope Xioami will add those options too.

7 New MIUI 9 Themes

The the new MIUI ROM is coming with some appearance changes. They have introduced three themes along with default one. In Last MIUI 8, we have seen that there were two themes along with default one. These new Themes look great with new UI.

New themes are No BoundaryColor Fantasy, Cool Black & the Default Theme one. As per the report, the English names for Themes has not set up yet. Xiaomi has removed the text under the dock item which was showning on the home screen. Don’t know why? But by this, the look of Home screen has become very neat & Clean.

Here below is the preview of a theme in Chinese ROM, Hope will update theme As soon as Global Version of MIUI 9 gets launched.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 Theme (No Boundary)

8. MIUI Lab

You can access MIUI Lab directly from the menu setting. The main purpose of the application is by which Xiaomi users can directly try some experimental features directly on your device. You can try the upcoming Beta features which yet to launched in this application.

Eligible Devices – List of Devices Which Supports MIUI 9

Here is the list of eligible devices for the MIUI 9 Update. Please wait till the Xiaomi releases an update for those devices. Currently, Xiaomi has released this update for Redmi note 4 & Mi 5s Plus.

  • Xiaomi Mi 6, Mi 5x, Redmi Note 4
  • Xiamoi Mi Max/Max 2, Mi Mix
  • Mi 5/5s/5s Plus/Mi 5c/Mi 4s/4c
  • Redmi 1/1s, Redmi 2 Prime/2A, Redmi 3/3s Prime
  • Redmi 4/4X/4A/4 Prime
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note/2/3/4/4X
  • Mi Pad/ Pad 2
  • Mi Note/ Note 2/ Note Pro

Wrapping it Up

This is the new MIUI 9 Update which is based on Android Nought (7.0). A lot of Xioami users were waiting for this update. You can install MIUI 9 on your Xioami phone through OTA Update or by Flashing Fastboot file as soon as you get the newest update.

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