MIUI 8 Update | All Features, Eligible Devices & Downloads

Xiaomi has released their next version of their very popular Android-based OS Named MIUI. The last version of this OS was MIUI 7 now recently they have launched their next version which is based on Android Lolipop & Android Marshmallow called as MIUI 8.

In this post, we will talk about MIUI 8 Features, Eligible or Supported devices to this ROM & How to update your Xiaomi device to MIUI 8. Now, Xiaomi has already sent Normal OTA Updates to the eligible devices.

So, if you still didn’t upgrade your MIUI OS to the latest version then Go to Updater app and check for latest updates. And those who didn’t get this update you can manually Download & Install from here.

Coming to Latest MIUI 8 ROM, The ROM is built with impressive Design, Performance & Customization options. The Design by them is awesome, ROM is coming with Latest Wallpaper developed by Xiaomi.

Now, We will check advantages or Some features of MIUI8.

MIUI 8 Features & Overview

This ROM is coming with some interesting features. Below I have mentioned most of the features of this ROM.

1. Dual Apps

This feature allows you to use dual apps using the same device with the same OS. There are a lot of Applications are available like Parallel Space to do a task like this, but in MIUI 8 this comes in built in functionality. You didn’t need to carry any other device or install any Third Party app. You can easily use Dual of any app without any issue I.e., Whatsapp, Hike, etc.

2. Second Space

Second Space is the best feature from entire MIUI 8 ROM by my point of view. The Second Space enables work device like two smartphones. It is pretty helpful to you when you want separate Work & Personal Use. By using this, you can Seperate them quickly. Also, it is useful in Privacy Protection. Did you get that?

In the both Profiles, you can set passwords. Also, The Settings are adjustable to both profiles. You can switch one from another quickly from Notification Panel.

3. Long Screenshots/Screen Capture:

Before ago we were not able to take long screenshots on the mobile device. But Xioami has done great with this ROM. This is another interesting feature of this ROM. By using this, you can capture long very long screenshots. No need to capture 3-4 Screenshots of the same screen. Just Screenshot a page and Scroll till as long you want.

4. Quick Ball

Xiaomi has newly introduced this feature like “Apple Assistive Touch.” The user can access a lot of features through this Quick Ball. Also, you can set this on anywhere on the screen.Also, this is accessible from the Lock Screen. You can access five different types of shortcuts from this menu & This is Customizable Shortcuts.

5. Calculator

In stock android calculator you get basic functions. But in MIUI 8 they have made a lot of improvements and increased more roles in the calculator. Now, apart from calculations and Maths, you guys will able to Convert Weight, Temperature, Currency, etc.

6. New Gallery Features

They have relaunched their gallery app. In the MIUI 7, You didn’t know which photo is synchronized or not. But now you can know which one is synchronized. Also, you can delete photos directly from Mi Cloud & Local Storage.

The MIUI 8 has also brought improvements Photo Editing app. Also, there is Video editing with few features like filter, Crop, Effects, Addition of music.

7. New Designed Toggle Bar

There is new Toggle bar option in MIUI 8. In the older version, you will see separate section for Notifications & Separate for Control buttons. But in this version, you will see both of them on the same page. However, you can still revert to MIUI 7 toggle bar by doing some steps.

8. Notes

Xiaomi MIUI ROM Developers has Redesigned this app with various colors and option. Also, User can Set Passwords & Fingerprint Lock to particular Note. Also, can set Theme & background for the specific note.

9. Settings

Setting are more colorful now. They added a Search box on the top of the Setting menu. Here you can quickly search any setting you wanted to find. Like i.e Access Point, Call Setting, etc.

10. Improved Powered Management

MIUI has much focused on the power management & battery consumption. They have taken battery saving feature above to the top. Also, you can manage battery saving or Power management in the setting section to save more battery life on your Xiaomi device.

11. Caller ID & Dialer

Spamming calls are increasing nowadays for this Xiaomi is also taking care of them in this version. However, there is no exact technique to identify the spammy calls, but Xiaomi will give regular updates for their users.

Dialer apps now support the Hindi language while dialing calls. Also, users can Create notes in calls, Can record calls, or you can customize setting to records calls automatically.

Supported Devices

Xiaomi has released this latest MIUI 8 OS For most of their devices. One thing we like about Xiaomi that they do not forget their old devices. Supported devices are Redmi Note 3, Mi 5, Mi 4, Mi 5 Pro, Mi 3, Mi Note 2, Mi Note, Mi Redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime, Mi 4C, Mi 4S, Mi 2, Mi 2S, Redmi Note Prime & so on.

Download MIUI 8 ROM

The MIUI 8 ROM has been available in Global Developer ROM, China Developer ROM, Global Stable ROM. So Check out the below post to download MIUI 8 ROM for your supported Xiaomi device.

So, in this post, we have covered almost everything you want to know about MIUI 8 Latest ROM by Xiaomi. Download & Install this ROM on your phone and enjoy the above MIUI 8 Features. If you have any queries related this, then do comment here. Also, don’t forget to share this post on Social Media.

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