Fix Bootloader Unlock Stuck at 50% & “Couldn’t Verify Device” Error

The Ultimate Solutions for the bootloader unlocking process stuck at 50%. Most Xiaomi phones are facing “Couldn’t Verify device Current Account is Different from the Account Info on the Device” error on Xiaomi Phones. Here we have some solutions by which you can bypass this errors.

As you no almost every Xiaomi Smartphone is coming with locked bootloader expect some phones. You need to take permissions from Xiaomi to do it & then need to use Mi Unlock Tool to unlock the bootloader. Below we have already shared the proper step by step guide to unlock bootloader of Xiaomi Phones.

Now, The most Xiaomi Phones users who are trying to unlock bootloader after permission are facing this Couldn’t verify device or the process stuck at 50%. The error is mostly faced by Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 3 users mostly. I have both these devices, In Redmi Note 3 I have unlock bootloader without any issue but when with Redmi note 4 I got this issue.

I quickly Googled for the solution of this error and find few solutions for it. When I look into forums and developers blogs I gathered a lot of different methods to get rid of this issue. Hence, Try every method from them one will work you sure for 100%.

The Post contains a solution for following Error faced while Unlocking Bootloader of Xiaomi Devices:

  • Bootloader Unlock Stuck at 50%.
  • Couldn’t Verify device error.
  • Current Account is Different from the Account Info on the Device error.
Tip: After getting approval if you faced issue while unlocking through Mi Flash Unlock Tool then Please wait for 3-4 days to and try again. If still doesn’t work then try the following method provided by us.Personal Advice

Requirments to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Phones

How to Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlock on your Phone?

Most users face issue while unlocking bootloader is because of this. They enable USB Debugging but they forget to enable OEM Unlock button. Hence make sure that you have enabled both USB Debugging & OEM Unlock on your phone.

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone > Tap on MIUI Version 7-8 times. This will unlock developer option on mobile.
  2. Again back Settings & go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developers options.
  3. Now, Enable Both The USB Debugging & OEM Unlock from the options.

Steps to Fix “Couldn’t Verify Device Error” or Bootloader Unlocking Stuck at 50%

When you get into Google, You will find the number of ways to bypass this error. So, Below we have mentioned some methods below. Try them one by one & I’m damn sure that one of them will work for you 100%.

Method 1: No more “Couldn’t Verify Device” Error

This is the first method and this work for most users and for me also. Hence, Try this method first and if not works go with another method.

1) Apply for the bootloader unlock permissions here. (You will get permission within 2-3 days if you have given the proper reason for unlocking.)

2) Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool & Install it on your computer. (Download Link is above)

3) Logged in with the same account which you have used to grant unlocking permission. Also, Make sure that you have use the mobile number to log in instead of email.

4) From PC Open your favorite browser and go to Sign in with your with your mobile number. It will send an OTP on your mobile. Enter the OTP & Verify your account.

5) After successful login Click on Connected devices. You can check out the snapshot below. Don’t worry I have few Xiaomi devices hence it is showing 4 Connected devices.

6) Now, Remove all other devices & mobile phones from that account. Also, check if your device is showing online or not. If your device doesn’t show online then Go to Settings > Sync > Off then enable Sync.

7) From the Homepage Choose “Find device” option & Locate your device. This is not a compulsory step but this will help you in the activation of your Mi Account on phone.

8) Now, Seat back and relax for 1-2 Days. Open Mi Flash Unlock Tool & Login with the same account. Connect your phone in Fastboot Mode & hit unlock button.

Yureka! You have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your Xiaomi device. This method works for me. If it didn’t work for you then you can try another method given below.

Method 2 – Try Factory Reset

This time try wiping your data of your Xiaomi Smartphone & then try unlocking your device using below trick.

1)  First, Make sure that you have backup your important files. You will loss internal storage data in the factory reset. Hence, Backup your device.

2) Factory Reset your Phone. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset. Finally, click on “Reset Phone” to factory data reset.

3) On the first boot do not set up any WiFi (Wireless network) and Mi Account.

4) After Setup, Now Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlock on your phone.

5) Reboot the phone.

6) Setup Wireless network.

7) Go to Developer options > Mi Unlock status and Click on Add account and the device then setup your existing Mi Account. It may ask you for some permission just accept every pop-up.

8) Simply, Reboot your device in fastboot mode & try unlocking your device.

You must Verify your account on This method work for some users. Have a try on it.

Method 3 – Try Flashing Fastboot ROM

Still didn’t succeed with above two methods? Try this solution and it will work for sure.

1) First, Backup your device files.

2) Flash any Fastboot ROM of your device using this method.I.e Global Beta, Developers or Global Stable, China ROM.

3) After flashing ROM Successfully, Do not configure anything on first boot up. Just Select the language and switch off your phone.

Now, Boot into Fastboot mode by Holding Power on + Volume down button.

4) Now, Open the Mi Flash Tool Application. Sign in on the app with Mi Account(Sign in using Mobile number and password is recommended).

This solution works for most users.


So, This was all methods to Fix “Couldn’t verify device error” while unlocking bootloader & solutions for bootloader unlocking stuck at 50%.

Try unlocking bootloader by this methods will work for sure. If you still facing the issue then don’t forget to comment down below. We will surely try to help you out from this situation.

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  1. Took me 3 days to find this out:
    Powercycle the phone while miui unlock counts from 0 to 50% will fix it!
    Since it tooks 8sec after pressing the POWER button, but 0 to 50% is done in 5sec, you have:
    1. on the phone start into fastboot with POWER+VOL DOWN. on the pc start miui unlock, click unlock, wait for “couldn’t verify..’error
    2. press POWER + VOL DOWN
    3. wait 5sec !!
    4. press “unlock again”

  2. This option: Developer options> My Unlock status never appears in my terminal

    Any suggestions? I still can’t unlock my Redmi 3 phone

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