What is F-Code? How To Generate F-Code & Use it to Buy Xiaomi Phone?

The Ultimate Guide to What if F-CodeHow to use F-Code for buying Xiaomi Smartphones & Products. Also, We have tried to share some methods to Generate F-code.

Buying new Xiaomi phones is a tough task nowadays India. Mostly, You can buy Xiaomi phones through Online Sites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. The chances of getting this product offline is a very rare also they offer some extra amount than Original price. But in the most

Whenever you tried to buy a new Xiaomi Phones Online, In most cases you are not able to Add that Product in your cart or In most situation is show the “The Product is Sold Out” & further more.

However, Through Mi F-Code you can easily buy that product without any Issue of being Sold out or Out of Stock. But using this Mi.com F-Codes you can be guaranteed to buy this Mobile or any particular item. But make sure you have the F-Code of that Particular item.

In My case, I have successfully bought Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 using this F-Code on Mi.com Site. I got that F-Code by participating in the forum activities.

What is Mi.com F-Code?

The Full form of this F-Code is Friend code. This is like other numbers which are Combination of different letters and number likes any Serial key or Promo Code.

By using this F-Codes you can easily buy the product of which F-Code you have from their official Mi.Com Website. They are only for Special fans and some other Peoples. Xiaomi granted this F-Codes for MIUI Forum Contributors, Moderators & to some YouTubers and Bloggers. And then they distribute this f-codes through various Contest & Giveaways to lucky & Crazy Xiaomi fans.

According to Xiaomi, this is Special codes for those Xiaomi fans. Also, for those who have contributed to the MIUI Forums. You can not sell those codes but most of the Peoples do.

How to Generate F-Code or Where to Get F-Code?

The interesting question right!

There are several ways to get f-code. We have shared some working methods. Let me tell you that this code can be used on Official Xiaomi website only to buy any particular product only.

Use MIUI Forum To Get F-Codes

The best way to get F-codes. You need to be active on their Community forum. They regularly arranged special contest & Giveaways to their fans. They regularly update threads whenever new device launches. So, there are more chances of getting F-Codes of latest products of Xiaomi.

Here are some Forums of  Mi.com F-Codes which will give you some ideas about them.

Don’t worry about the ended Contests. MIUI Forum Moderators regularly arrange this Contest. So be active on the forum.

Participate in Various Social Media Giveaways

This another way to generate & win F Codes of different Products. You will see a lot of contest on the official accounts of Xiaomi Community. Also, a lot of Youtubers & Bloggers arrange this types of giveaways.

Here is the example of this which is expired now. Be active on those Platforms to get F-Codes.

Now, If you already have f code and don’t know how to use them to buy the product then refer to below which will give you perfect way to order product using this codes.

How to use F-Code to buy Xioami Products?

1. First Visit Official Store website on Mi.com. Log in with your Mi Account. Now, Go on the Product or Smartphone whose F-Code you have.

2. Now, On this page, you need to Enter the F-Code of that phone & Enter Captcha Code to prove your identity. After entering this hit that “USE F-CODE” button.


3. The website will check the f-code & it will show for which model this f-code is applicable. If you are ready to go with this version then use it. This will add your phone to your cart. Now, you just need to check out with the payment method you want.

That’s it! You have successfully bought smartphone using f-code option.

Some F.A.Q About F-Codes:

  • Is F-Codes are selling by Xiaomi or anyone?

Ans. Xiaomi doesn’t sell any F-code. Selling f-codes is not allowed. By some people do.

  • What the validity of any f-code?

Ans. Depending on Xiaomi each f-code has a specific validity of use.

  • Are they available globally?

Ans. Yes. From now they are available in some countries. I have seen them in China, India, Hong Kong & Singapore that mean they are available globally in some countries.

So this was the overall Guide for Xiaomi Mi.com F-Codes. I hope now you have enough idea about What is f-code? How to get f-code & How to use them to buy Xiaomi phones or products. This is an easy way to buy any particular product without waiting for any flash sale.

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