How to Boot Into EDL Mode on Xiaomi Phones (2 Ways)

Hi Guys, I am back again with another simple tutorial for the advanced Xiaomi users. In this tutorial will see What is EDL Mode & How to Boot into EDL Mode from Fastboot Mode on your Xiaomi Smartphones. There is no need of Deep Flashing cable and all those stuff. So, Please read the full guide to know How can you Boot Into EDL Mode on Xiaomi Phones.

What is EDL Mode?

EDL Mode stands for Emergency Download Mode. It is the Special Mode to granting the higher level of access to the smartphone on your Smartphone. By which you can Unlock Bootloader unofficially, Flash Stock Firmware, Unbrick your device from Bootloop etc.

Quick Preparation:

  • Install Proper USB Driver of your Xiaomi device. (Get USB Driver here)
  • Enable USB Debugging. (Guide)
  • Setup ADB & Fastboot USB Drivers.
  • Guide works for Xiaomi & Qualcomm Chipset devices only.

1. How to Boot into EDL From ADB

It is easier to boot into EDL Mode from ADB Command. Just follow this simple steps given below.

1. Download & Install ADB Drivers on your Computer.

2. Enable USB Debugging on your Xiaomi Smartphone.

3. Open Command Window in Windows Computer.

4. Connect your Xiaomi Smartphone to Computer using USB Cable.

5. Type the following command to check whether the device is connected or not.

adb device

6. Now, If it shows the device then you use the following command to boot your device into EDL Mode (Emergency Download Mode).

adb reboot edl

That’s it! You will be reboot into EDL Mode with a blank screen. Only Notification LED light will be on indicating you’re in EDL Mode.

2. How to Boot into EDL From Fastboot Mode

1. Download Fastboot EDL File & Extract it on your computer. You will see 2-3 files extracted there.

2. Connect your Xiaomi Smartphone in Fastboot Mode. To do this Switch off your Smartphone first. Power it on (Boot into Fasbtoot) by Holding Power on + Volume Down button until the Mi Bunny Logo appears. You are in the Fastboot Mode now.

3.Now, Double click or run the edl.cmd file. As soon as you run this file The Mi Bunny will disappear and your device will get rebooted to EDL Mode with a Blank screen.

So, This was the process to boot to your device in Emergency Download Mode on Xiaomi devices. This method is working for every Qualcomm devices. Hence, You can use this method on the other devices running on Qualcomm Chipset.

10 thoughts on “How to Boot Into EDL Mode on Xiaomi Phones (2 Ways)”

  1. Hi! My readmi 4x is in bootloop. I did method 2 and it goes into edl for a second and then it goes into bootloop again………halp please?!?!?!?!?!

  2. Hi,

    I have the same issue. The phone views a black screen after fastboot edl. Seconds after the that the phone reboot and is in a boot loop.

    The phone is a mi mix 2 with global dev rom. Is in a boot loop after choice language and country.

    Fast boot and recovery mode are available.

  3. Hi Sachin ,

    My mobile is stuck in mi start logo screen . Now main aim is get back the data what steps should i follow..

    Currently by clicking emd.cmd file i am able to switch off phone, when i turn on it turn back to same start up screen.

    • You need to flash the Stock Firmware of the device(MIUI Fastboot ROM). Tell me your device model i will help you further in this case.

  4. Hey Sachin,

    I have a Redmi 3S that is stuck in a bootloop and I would love to recover my data since my backup is out dated. I read a lot in the last two days and I am only getting more confused. Since my Bottloader is looked I got the advise to unlock it to be able to flash it. But somewhere it also says that if I get into EDL I can flash it from there? Could you help me out please?

    Cheers Matt

  5. Hi,

    I have a mix 3 stuck at your system has been destroyed. Your method does not boot my phone in to EDL mode. Bootloader cannot be unlocked because i flashed a fresh rom before that and no account associated inside the debugging. Also, no recovery available. Only fastboot and unable to boot in EDL to flash.

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