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In this post, we will discuss What is Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool? What is the use of this tool? How to use this tool & Download Mi Flash tool through Direct download links.

Mi flash tool is a tool developed by Xiaomi to Flash Stock Firmware(Fastboot Files) on the Xiaomi Phones. Sometimes whenever you flashed Custom ROMs and if you want to get back to MIUI or also you can update your device to latest OS through this tool. It is also helpful when the device stuck at Mi Logo (Boot loop).

What to do if you accidentally Soft bricked your device or It gets hard bricked? Then this tool is the only solution to do recover from it. You can easily flash MIUI fastboot ROM of your phone using this Mi Flashing app.

The app is also useful when the new updates come out you can directly download Fastboot files from Xioami official site can flash using this easily.

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Latest Version
Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Latest Version

What is Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool?

Xiaomi Mi Flash tool is a tool developed by Xiaomi Inc which allows the user to Flash Firmware on their Xiaomi devices. You can Upgrade or Downgrade device Firmware. Or in the case of boot loop, you can flash Stock ROMs directly using this Application.

Mi Flash is a tool developed by Xiaomi developers to flash Stock Firmware/ROMs on Xiaomi devices. This stock firmware is consist of Fastboot Files which can be flashed through this tool in fastboot mode or EDL Mode only.

Important Notes:

  • Please note that this tool supports only Qualcomm Devices.
  • Before installing this version, Please uninstall the old version of Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool.
  • The tool is supporting devices above Xiaomi Mi 3 only.
  • Mi Flash tool is now supporting both 32 Bit & 64 Bit Versions of Windows 7/8/10.
  • Xiaomi has fixed many Bugs. Mi flash app is on Stable Version now.
  • You must have to Unlock Bootloader in order to flash fastboot files.

Features of Mi Flash Tool

  • Installer

We have provided a direct download link of installer MSI file. You can install this software on your Windows PC easily. It’s very easy to install this just you need to give a direction to set up by giving some next instructions. Just Connect your device to Computer and it will automatically install the necessary USB Drivers.

Moreover, You can manually Download USB Driver of your smartphone from that page.

  • Inbuilt Drivers

The latest Mi flash tool is coming with built-in drivers which are required for flashing purpose. The Built-in drivers are Google ADB Drivers, Qualcomm Drivers & RNDIS Drivers. Also, You can install them again through the Application Option Panel.

  • Multiple Flashing Options

Mi Flash tool is providing you with three options for flashing Fastboot ROM. So, You can use the command with any suitable choice of yours.

Clean All – You can do the clean installation of MIUI ROM Thorugh this command. It clear all data & Internal storage through it.

Save User Data   It will install MIUI Firmware expect the internal storage of your data. By which you can save internal storage data with this flashing option.

Clean All & Lock – This will Clean all the data & also it will lock your unlocked bootloader using this command.

Download Mi Flash Tool For Windows 7/8/10

File Name: MiFlashSetup_eng.msi
Last Update: 28 April 2017
Version: v7.4.25
Size: 46.60 MB
Supported OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Download Mi Flash Tool v7.4.25

Mi Flash Tool All Version List (Previous Versions)

Xiaomi Flash Tool VersionDownload Link
Mi Flash Tool v4.5.9Download
Mi Flash Tool v5.6.1Download
Mi Flash Tool v5.7.31Download
Mi Flash Tool vv5.10.28Download
Mi Flash Tool v6.4.1Download
Mi Flash Tool v6.8.30Download
Mi Flash Tool v6.12.22Download


  • Version 7.4.25

Fixed: Problems occurred during flashing when there is reboot bootloader in the script.

  • Version 6.12.22

The flash button is not available if the device cannot be found after clicking the flash button is fixed now.
UI display doesn’t match the result bar.
Force close in some situations in control now.
Script flashing failed yet Mi Flash shows the success.
The Error popup when clicking the flash button repeatedly is fixed by developers.


  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

How To Install Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool on your Computer?

Below are the simple steps to Install this software on your Windows PC. This application now supports both 32 Bit & 64 Bit Version Windows OS.

1. Download Mi Flash tool from above download links first. Open the folder where you have placed or downloaded this tool.

Now, Extract the Downloaded zip file in your Windows PC. Make sure that you have uninstalled any Previous version of Mi Flash Tool.

2. Run MiFlashSetup.msi file from extracted folder this will start installation on your windows.

3. Maybe depends on your Windows Setting, You will get a Security Warning. Don’t worry about it! Just press Run button to Continue.

4. On the first screen Choose Next option.

5. On the next screen, Installer will automatically choose Installation Folder. Just press Next button to continue the installation process.

5. Choose Next to Confirm installation.

6. Please wait until it completes installation of this tool on your Windows OS. You will see the installation is completed successfully. Press Close button to exit.

That’s it! We have successfully installed Xiaomi Mi Flash tool on your Windows PC. Now, you are ready to flash Xiaomi Stock Firmware/ROMs on your phones.

How To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool?

Installing Fastboot ROM Using this tool is quite simple. Just follow some the below steps to make it happen. Make sure that you have installed Mi Flash tool on your Windows PC.

1. Download Stock Firmware (Fastboot ROM) of your  Xiaomi device from that page.

2. Extract the downloaded firmware in your computer.

3. Also, Make sure that you have installed Xiaomi USB Driver on your PC. If you didn’t then please install them from that link.

4. Now, Boot your device into Fastboot mode. To do this Switch off your Xiaomi Phone. Now, Press Power On button + Volume Down button for few seconds until it boot into Fastboot Mode.

5. After booting into Fastboot Mode you will see the following screen with Mi Bunny.

6. Connect your device to the computer using Micro USB Cable. Windows will automatically installed the required USB Drivers.

7. Now, Open Xiaomi Mi Flash tool from the Desktop or Start Menu.

8. From the screen Select the unzipped Fastboot ROM folder. Use the “Select” button to locate the folder of that Stock Firmware of your device.

9. Press the “Refresh” button to check whether your device is connected or not. If it shows the device then you are ready to go further.

10. Now, From the bottom choose one any option from them. To know there function refers above. I have explained the function of each of this command. Press the Flash button to Flash MIUI Fastboot ROM on your Xiaomi Smartphone.

11. When the flashing process completes you will get Success message on Flash tool screen.

So, This was the simplest Guide to Use Xiaomi Mi Flash tool to flash Fastboot ROMs on MIUI Devices running on Snapdragon processor. You can check out Video guide for more info & can follow instruction stepwise.

Video Guide to Use Xiaomi Flash Tool?

Here is the video guide through which you can install fresh new MIUI Fastboot ROM through fastboot mode or using EDL Mode.

The method is very easy you don’t need to be Professional for this. Also, You can comment down below if you are getting any type of error while using this tool.


Your hunt to Download Mi flash tool is ended here. This is great and easy to use Application developed by Xiaomi. My suggestion is every Xiaomi phone user should install this for Unbricking, Upgrading, Downgrade or Flashing purpose.

The application is very easy to use & has the smooth interface. You don’t need to be professional to use this Flash Tool. From the first use, you will be able to flash the Stock firmware on Xiaomi Smartphones.

Unfortunately, Some Xiaomi Phones doesn’t support this tool including all MTK Variant devices. However, most of the devices do. Also, The app is not available for Ubuntu OS and Linux Users.

Credits: Xiaomi Inc

If you have any queries related this or Unworking download links then you can comment below. Also, Please share this article with your friends. Thanks!

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  1. Doesn’t work !! No matter which option i take at the bottom the response is either “couldn’t find script” in an response box (on ‘save user data’) or “can not found flash_all.bat” in the progress table (on ‘clean all’). When i choose the last option ‘clean all and lock’ it looks like the connection from my PC to my Xiaomi Redmi 4x is lost. At least the progress bar doesn’t show any progress, the connection shown before disappears, the small white LED below the phones screen above the USB-Connection lights up shortly and the phone turns back to the status before (Mi-logo is shown and the phone doesn’t react on any key pressed, phone even can’t be turned off. When trying to turn it off by long pressing the ‘power’-key the phones screen turns black for a second or 2 and the Mi-logo comes back). The only reaction i can get is the fastboot-mode when pressing the ‘power’- and the ‘volume-down’-button simultaniously for some seconds…….

  2. Thanks a lot bro. You just saved my arse. I thought I screwed up big time when my phone got bricked and none of the custom ROMs worked. I followed your procedure step by step and its working amazing now. Keep up the work. If I was able to do it any noob can.

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