111 thoughts on “Download Mi Account Unlock Tool | Remove Mi Cloud Verfication Easily”

  1. Thanks to use our video in your article. Hope this will help to other Xiaomi users to unlock their devices.

  2. Hi! i have a redmi 4a, i done al the process but the mi account its not removed! can you said me what it the version from the rom pack that you are running?

  3. hi, i tried the above procedure, and it was completed succesfully, but after restarting again same frp locked…..what to do???????????confused

  4. I failed to install driver. it Reason I can’t unlock my phone.plz help me my device mi 4

  5. hi sachin if u mentioned a password there in caps ok fine but why u r not mentioning in comments bro.

  6. Unfortunately it failed to detect my Redmi 4A. The driver is OK. It was installed using miflash_unlock-en-3.3.525.23 that properly can detect my device. I’m affraid I will have to wait for the 72h.

  7. This worked perfectly well with my MI Max 2 BUT the question is can I now connect to the internet and create both Google as well as Mi Account?

    Thanks a heap mate you are amazing!!

  8. Hello m8!

    I have tried unsuccessfully several times this procedure on a Note 4 MTK:

    “Detecting DEVICE INTERFACE Ok
    Loading INFORMATION Ok

    ● Brand – nikel_global
    ● Version – 6.0
    ● Miui Version – V9.6.1.0.MBFMIFD
    ● Branch – F
    ● Language – es
    ● Region – ES
    ● Carrier – unknown

    Bypassing MI ACCOUNT Ok
    Rebooting DEVICE Ok

    ► If device is automatically turned on,
    please enable USB DEBUGGING from DEVICE SETTING
    ► And then click on DISABLE MI ACCOUNT button

    WARNING: Don’t connect internet on this stage or you’ll return to lock stage”

    But as soon as MUI9 shows up, the same “This device is locked” error message. No Internet connection so far.

    Any clues?

    Thank you and greetings from Spain!

  9. Not working for Redmi Note 4 with Miui 11. Works as described but after 2-5 seconds after booting (after Bypass Mi Account) the locked screen appears again.

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