How to Change Font Style in Xiaomi MIUI 8/9 Without Root

This is an Ultimate Guide to Change fonts in Xiaomi MIUI Devices Running MIUI 8 OS. No need to check other articles, We have discovered the 100% Working method to Change Fonts in Xiaomi Phones without Root.

Hello Xiaomi Users,

Day by day XiaomiGeek Team is getting a lot of Feedbacks, Emails & Comments regarding how to change the font on My Redmi Note 3. Note 4, Mi 4i & other devices. For this reason, we are writing a fully detailed guide on it.

Xiaomi phones are Coming with MIUI OS which is very Excellent provides us deep customization Options & Hell lot of features. You can Read about MIUI 8 here.

There are two ways to change fonts on your Xiaomi Smartphones. First one is Root method in which you need to install iFont app. In this app you can directly set downloaded fonts as your font. But for this method you have to Unlock bootloader then need to install TWRP Recovery & then need to Install SuperSU to Grant root access.

But the Second is that we are using in this guide doesnt need any Root Permissions. Also, This will work in any update. Coming to supported device list this trick will work with all devices including Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5, Mi 6, Mi Max, Mi Mix, Mi Note 2, Redmi 2/Prime & So on.

Ultimate Guide to  Change Fonts in Xiaomi Without Root

Below we have separated this process in 2 Steps. This trick is working for Xiaomi devices only so dont try this at any other phones.

Step 1 –  Sign Up For the Xiaomi Theme Designer

First, We will Recommend you to Sing up for the Xiaomi Theme Designer Role. You must have to complete this step, if you want to get rid of “Themes from third-party sources are not supported error: download| auth rejected 402“.

Why should We Sign Up For Xiaomi Theme Designer Program? The simple reason is it allows us to do any modification in Themes, Fonts or You can create your own & can upload this on Official Xiaomi Forum.

1. Open your favorite browser(Google Chrome is Recommended) &  Go to Xiaomi Design Program. Choose “Login Now” option from this page.

Tip: You Must use an account which is logged on your Xiaomi phone to Log in Xiaomi Design Program.

2. Now, After successful Login, You need to fill a short form very carefully. Follow below steps to Open Xiaomi Theme Designer Account. We have to fill all options with * Mark.

  1. First, select “Individual designer“.
  2. Then fill the “Designer name” of your choice but my suggestion is to use your Real name.
  3. Fill your Real Name, Mobile Number, Personal Photo & Permanent Adress.
  4. At last, choose “Accept Agreement & Register” Option to continue.

That’s it! After Submission let Xiaomi Team confirms your account. It will take 1-3 days for approval. You will find Approval Email in your inbox.

Here is Confirmation mail from Xiaomi.

Step 2 – Steps To Change Fonts in Xiaomi MIUI 8

Part I – Adding Fonts Shortcut on Homescreen

1. Download Quick Shortcut Maker app from Google Play Store & Install it.

Developer: sika524
Price: Free

2. Open Quick Shortcut Maker app, Scroll Down & Choose Settings Option.

3. In Settings, Tap on Font Subitem of Settings.

4. Tap on it & Click on Tap to change Label and Rename it to Fonts.

5. Tap on the “Create Button” & you will see the new app icon “Fonts” on your home screen or in App drawer.

Part II – Install Fonts on MIUI 8

1. Download & Install iFont app. You can use fonts from this application & This app also makes third-party fonts usable in this ROM.

iFont(Expert of Fonts)
iFont(Expert of Fonts)
Developer: diyun
Price: Free

2. Open the app. Select your favorite font from the list & Download it.

3. After downloading You will see “Theme” button in the right corner. Click on it and Press OK > OK.

4. Now, Open “Themes” Application & Go to offline section.

5. In the next page, Choose Import option & Navigate the path to Internal Storage > MIUI >  Theme. You will see the .mtz file with your font name & import the font.

Part III – Applying Imported Theme

1. Go to App drawer or Homescreen and open “Fonts“. That we have created previously.

2. Now, Tap on System font.

3. Choose your font & Press Apply.

Congratulation! You have successfully changed fonts in your Xiaomi device. You can also watch Video guide.

Quick Video Guide to Change Fonts in MIUI 8 OS:

Wrapping it Up

So, This was the overall guide to change your Xiaomi Smartphones fonts. Now, You can do this thing without root.

Also, Just comment below if you face an error, or any problem occurs.  I just want to make that possible for everyone. Hence, We will always there for you.

F.A.Q Related Changing Fonts

  • Solution For Those Who Are Getting [Third-part Sources Error]?

Ans. You will face this error only if you didn’t Sign UP for Xiaomi theme designer program. That is the reason we covered this Step in the first phase of the tutorial.

  • Facing 406 Error still if you’re logged in Xiaomi theme designer?

Ans. It’s due to your application is still not confirmed by Xiaomi. Make sure that you have filled that form correctly & you have received the confirmation email.

  • After changing fonts Can we revert back to Original System fonts?

Ans. Yes. You can revert back to system font. Just go to themes and choose your system font.

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  1. all I have done before, and changed my font successfully. but before 2 days ago I reset my phone. again I Logged in with my mi account which is associated with designer account but this time, while I tried to change the font it shows same error. how to fix it? please I am bored with this stock font. thanks in advance.

    • Yes. This method of changing font is stopped now. Xiaomi has fixed this.

      You can still change the font by using MIUI Theme Editor application from Play Store.

  2. Nothing wrong with your account. Xiaomi has stopped the support for the third party themes and fonts! Soon will update the post with the new working method to change the fonts on your Xiaomi Phone.

    Till then have a great time!

    • Hello all users I got the real trick of miui to use fonts go straight to settings-wallpaper-find more-and next is u can see a T option with in a box and touch that and u can set ur desired font.. Happy fonting…?

  3. No “T option” in MUI8. Or, did you mean 9?

    I’d love a font pack– that doesn’t require root.

    Where’s Xiaomi in this? How silly NOT to offer something so basic?

  4. Hi,
    I already received the confirmation from xiaomi but I still got the “Themes from third-party sources not supported”.

    I also try to find the T option with a box in the wallpaper page but could not find it.

    Your reply would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  5. I changed my font using these tricks but after my phone updated to MIUI Global 9.5, it’s not working anymore

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